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SENEGAL – 16 “Health” questions from Bougane Gueye Dany to Macky Sall

Bougane Gueye Dany

“Mr. President, are you aware that in some health centres in Dakar, maternity services have been closed to make room for Corona patients?” This is the beginning of the third question of the politician Bougane Guèye Dany. He addressed President Macky Sall through a video, to which he asked 16 questions.

Open letter to PR Maky Sall
Mr President of the Republic,
Time is a critical factor in managing a crisis, especially when it is a contagious, violent and deadly health crisis

1- Mr. President, why is Senegal among the few countries in West Africa suffering a third wave of COVID-19? How is it that our country left 2nd or 3rd place in the world during the 1st wave to find itself last in the class in West Africa?

2- Mr. President, in terms of statistics, do you have the percentage of Senegalese infected with corona after vaccination?

3- Mr. President, do you know that in some health centres in Dakar, maternity services have been closed to make room for the sick of Corona? Mr President, the buffer zones in the health centers lack everything: No resuscitation equipment, no oxygen, no high-concentration masks, no pressure gauges, no saturometer and the worst is the lack of personal protective equipment for health personnel.

4- Mr. President, did you know that this brave health staff is still waiting for their bonuses after vacations in the ETCs in 2020? Doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers, paramedics, surface technicians and laboratory workers were cornered, demotivated, contaminated and even perished in this third wave.

5- Mr President, do you know that respiratory equipment is rented at home by private Senegalese. Yet our health facilities lack respiratory assistance equipment. What a paradox!

6- Mr. President, what is the strategy of the Ministry of Health and Social Action in case of saturation of hospitals and ETC?

7- Mr. President, do you know that the results we receive every day are not those of the day before, as is claimed? Between a week and 10 days, the testing lab is experiencing delays in the delivery of Covid-19 test results?

8- Mr. President, do you think our compatriots doubt the existence of the disease? No, it is rather the words of the rulers that you are that no longer reassure them.

9- Mr. President, can you explain to us why the ETCs were de-installed by the Ministry of Health while the WHO already in November 2020, had launched the alert on the imminence of a 3rd and even a 4th wave?
10-M. the Speaker, can you explain to us how, in the midst of a storm, several officials of the Minister of Health have either left the ship or are completely withdrawn. Dr Aliouse, Dr Bousso, Marie Khemesse and Prof Seydi, who often take the minister’s foot off on announced figures.

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11- Mr. President, are you aware that Senegal is facing another pandemic more violent than Covid?

12- Mr President, are you aware that corruption, extra-billing, fictitious deliveries and misappropriation of public funds are undermining all development efforts?

13- Do you know Mr. President, that the Force Covid-19 committee headed by General François Ndiaye did not see anything about the shenanigans, extra-billing and fictitious deliveries concerning medical equipment in the fight against this pandemic?

14- Mr. President, are you aware that the 250 hospital beds exposed in front of the cameras during the first wave of Covid were not purchased as claimed, but rather borrowed at the time from the Ellipse Project, owner of the Kaffrine hospitals, Sèdhiou, Kédougou and Touba? Go know.

15- Mr. President, are you aware that one of your ministers related to the management of Covid has offered two villas in Almadia and Yoff?
Mr President, stop the corona Business

16- Mr. President, do you know that in the middle of the 3rd wave, the Ministry of Finance has just signed a contract of FCFA 40 billion by mutual agreement with a businessman from the Wade regime, for an electrification program of the PUDC. See what’s behind it? This same Sieur Gueye, at the beginning of the Covid had obtained another OTC market of nearly 150 billion FCFA still with the same PUDC…

Mr. President, watch for annuity positions in the Senegalese administration.

Please, Mr. Speaker, save Senegal from another deadly pandemic like covid.
Stop this corruption industry maintained with the complicity of some agents of the administration.

These are the questions I would like to ask you, Mr. President of the Republic, following the arrival of this third wave of deadly and devastating covid.

Thank you very much.
Bougane Gueye Dany
President of the G.S.B Movement


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