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SENEGAL – Activist Guy Marius Sagna warns Guinea and President Macky Sall

Guy Marius Sagna

Founding member of the Front pour une révolution anti-imperialiste populaire et panafricaine (Frapp), Guy Marius Sagna, known for his anti-imperialist struggle and his struggle for the preservation of democracy in Africa, warned Guinea which seems to be applauding after the arrest of the head of state, Alpha Condé. For him, the transition must be ensured because the power belongs to the Guinean people and not to the Special Forces led by Commander Mamadou Doumbia. Similarly, the 41-year-old activist warned President Macky Sall about a constitutional hold-up to run for a third term. A way to remind him of the fate of Alpha Condé who changed the constitution to remain in power for a third time. Full text of activist Guy Marius Sacha on his Facebook page on Monday 6 September 2021.

Those who make a democratic transmission of power impossible will make a violent transmission of power inevitable. It is only a matter of time. Proof by Guinea. Solidarity with the brothers and sisters of Guinea! 

Guinea’s military coup — like all military coups — is doing politics by other means. This time military. Who are the soldiers who have taken power? What do they want? 

Faced with the caricature of dictator that had become Alpha Condé they may want to be Alpha and Omega of Guinean politics instead of Alpha Condé. Where was Mamady Doumbouya when the people of Guinea were fiercely repressed by Alpha Condé? Among those who repress or those who were beaten, killed and imprisoned? 

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Linked to France, the United States and Senegal, at least, Mamady Doumbouya is not necessarily good news for Guinea. That is why the people of Guinea must leave and demand swiftly that power be returned to them without delay. The people of Guinea, through the FNDC in particular, must say and show clearly to the military: we did not fight Alpha Condé to find ourselves with Alpha Condé in mesh outfits. 

What lesson for Senegal? The military can take power without it being in Senegal’s interest and we will have to face it. What lesson for the Senegalese army? When you are told to shoot the people of Senegal who will be fed up with this neo-colonial lackey that is President Macky Sall, turn your guns on Macky because he is not entitled to be a candidate a third time. 

What lesson for Macky Sall? “Madness is behaving in the same way and expecting a different result”. Will Macky be a third-term madman? We will show him that we are crazier than he is. He’s crazy about his family interests and the interests of his imperialist masters. We, fools of a sovereign Senegal in a sovereign Africa united around a federal government. 

No to a 3rd illegal and illegitimate candidacy! No to neocolonialism!


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