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SENEGAL: Aïda Badji, the Yaay Fall, passionate photographer is nominated at the international fashion festival.

Aïda Badji-Soumaré, accountant and professional photographer.

Aïda Badji-Soumaré was born in April 1989 in Dakar. She comes from a multiethnic family composed of Joolas, Socés, Sereres and Lebbus. She is ambitious, and sociable, she considers herself a Yaay Fall: a woman devoted to her religion with a strong conviction detached from the material world. At a very young age, she loved everything that touched art, so after the bac she did a training in Banking option Finance while doing parallel courses of photography at “Sup ‘info International of Dakar”. She is currently an accountant in a travel agency.

Ze-Africanews.com : How did you get to photography?
Aïda Badji-Soumaré: After a training in photography, I started practicing in an Islamic association or I directed the multimedia sector before joining a club of photographic enthusiasts gathering more than 50 members where we organize photographic hikes every first Saturday of the month in order to exhibit at the end of the year at the Dakar National Gallery. I also participated in seminars and training workshops at national and international level.

What inspires you when you are behind the lens?
What inspires me when I am behind the objective is above all to convey an emotion, a message and to succeed in my mission by rendering a satisfactory service and thus to prove that I am up to the expectations of the job.

Aïda Badji-Soumaré, accountant and professional photographer.

You have just been nominated for the contest of the international fashion festival in the category Fashion Award Senegal, what does this appointment mean to you?
This appointment is the result of many years of work and sacrifice. I consider it above all as a reward or if not a gesture of recognition of the exercise of my passion.

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This is the first time that Senegal is nominated in this category thanks to your work? Can you say that you are now an ambassador for the country in this great meeting?
A saying goes: “Without care, without order, without method no progress, no success, the essential thing is to believe and love what we do.” Ambassador for my country of origin , it is too much to say but I will make sure to be up to it. However, in all modesty, I remain serene and wish other competitors to outdo themselves.

What do you like about your job?
I like to share my ideas, and make friends.

Do you make a difference between your work and your passion, and why?
The choice of the craft seemed painful to me at first, but in my lost hours, I tried to familiarize myself with my apparatus. Photography is above all a passion. That does not prevent me from devoting myself entirely to my work.

Aïda Badji-Soumaré, Aïda Badji-Soumaré, accountant and professional photographer.

How do you prepare for this international fashion festival contest?
I prepare this contest with great enthusiasm and a fair play spirit. The main thing is to participate but once again, I will do my best to be ready and live up to expectations.

Do you have a message to launch?
Through the opportunity offered to me, I would like to encourage young people and especially women not to accept the barriers imposed on us by society. Let us dare to have passions but especially dare to live them fully.

Here are some pictures of Aïda Badji-Soumaré.

Little girl in traditional dress.
Woman on the podium.
Young boys.
Podium of a parade.

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