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SENEGAL – An online platform for pension filing


Senegal’s Directorate General for the Budget (DGB) to improve the quality of services provided to users has launched a project to dematerialize the deposits of pension files through the e-pension application, on Thursday, May 05, 2023. This strategy will automate file handling procedures to ensure simplification and timeliness.

We have already had the opportunity to authorise the production in May 2021 of the computer application for processing pension files, called Syspension. This tool, combined with the procedure for the immediate liquidation of the retirement pension implemented by the Pensions Directorate, has made it possible to ensure the traceability and integrity of the data while reducing the processing times for pension files”, said Abdou Diouf, Coordinator of the Directorate-General for the Budget at the launch workshop held on Thursday 4 May in Dakar.

According to the information he provided, significant progress has been noted in the development of the e-pension application, which has two components. The first is the dematerialization of the filing of files, and the second is the dematerialization of pay slips at the accounting level. With regard to the first component, the first phase of the project involves allowing pension files of all kinds to be submitted to the Regional Controls of Finance (FRC), which will then transmit them online to the Pensions Directorate for processing. This new filing process at the territorially competent FRC level saves pensioners and their successors from lengthy and costly travel. The level of processing will, of course, be monitored via the e-pension application,” he explains. Concerning the second part, the pilot phase successfully started this month at the level of Guédiawaye perception. Its purpose is to put an end to the physical publishing and distribution of bulletins at the level of accounting positions by the National Association of Civilian and Military Retirees of the FNR. This whole process will make it easier for the user to file online in the Pensions Directorate. However, he will have to take all the necessary actions to apply.

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The Coordinator of the Directorate-General for Budget, Abdou Diouf, urges all the actors concerned and especially the associations of pensioners to give their support to the DGB for the sharing of information with a view to the accession of the beneficiaries to the project and its effective implementation.


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