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SENEGAL – Chadia: A beautiful artistic escape offers ‘Naby’ for this month of Ramadan

Chadia Dia @Page Facebook Chadia

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. We’re knocking on my door dry. It’s Ramadan month. We have to eat. I try to explain to my mother, straddling the fourth pillar of Islam, ‘Oh yes! I still live with my mom – that for health reasons (I have an ulcer in my stomach) I won’t be able to fast today. She gives me an earful. For anyone who knows an African mother, this kind of look is enough to make you reconsider your position, dare. I’m going to go home as if I were in a wedding. When I’m fed up, I go to the social networks. Suddenly, I get a link from my boss. I click on it. She is a singer I know quite a bit.

Where did I meet her?
It was on March 9, 2022, on the banks of the Ébrié lagoon at the Palais de la Culture in the mythical Lougah François d’Abidjan room, during the MASA 2022. A young Senegalese woman stood out among a group of singers. Imposing presence, long black dress crossed and curved, body well rolled on legs as beautiful as its extensions. Behind her, a majestic orchestra is the Weeli-Band. Information taken, I learn that she is what we could call a rising star of Senegalese music. She brought a touch of madness to a show that was seriously starting to piss me off. Because of her staging, it was obvious that this was not the first time she had toured international stages. I heard the audience chanting his name: “Chadia! Chadia! Chadia!” A confidence! I managed to take a picture with her and give her a kiss.

The music video “Naby”

Who the hell is Chadia?
Nourished by the music by her family, Chadia, of her real name, Aïcha Dia quickly displayed her ambitions: to become an essential artist. But not everything went as planned: she had to roll her back: hostess, piano bar singer, collaboration with internationally renowned artists, before releasing her first single ‘Nanu Boolo’ in 2016. But it’s her video ‘Yow Lay Guiss’ that makes her known outside Senegalese borders. Her latest single is ‘Weru Waay’, 2021. Chadia has several strings to her bow: she is a guitarist, performer, composer. She is one of the few singers who catch us by the melody and flood us with her halo. All this is due only to his singular voice which makes the happiness of his fans. Over the years, Chadia has honed a voice, mixing the powerful voice of an African morello cherry with that of an opera singer.

Chadia Dia @Page Facebook Chadia

‘Naby’: A kaleidoscopic clip with explosive colors
In a Facebook teaser, Chadia announces to her 17K followers the release of her next “Naby” single on April 8, 2022. At the beginning of Ramadan, this micro-clip is a tribute to the prophet Muhammad (peace and greetings on him), the cream of men. She injects the information of this new outing, intravenously, in dribs and drabs via her Facebook page. From what I have seen and heard, everything is put together so that this colorful clip is a hit. It is certain that during this hot month of Ramadan, this single will brighten up millions of Internet users. In a few words, Chadia tells in this clip, in Peulh, that God and Muhammad, his messenger, are the best waterers for all souls in sorrow who thirst for eternity.

Chadia Dia @Page Facebook Chadia

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