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SENEGAL: Conference on the SME, between Claudy Siar and Kemi Séba, the cloth burns.

Claudy Siar et Kemi Seba (ph: Benin Web TV)

Claudy Siar participated in the conference on the Global Partnership for Education, held in Dakar on 1-2 January 2018. At the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. But his presence does not seem to please the activist Kémi Séba president of the NGO Panafricanistes Emergencies and initiator of the CFA Anti Front.

“Claudy is a brother. But at a time when the members of our NGO Panafrican Urgencies in Senegal risk jail while trying to protest the intolerable arrival of President Macron in Senegal, see the one who accompanied us during the campaign of the Anti-Anti-CFA accept (no reason is justifiable to us) the invitation of the one we fight (in addition to our corrupt heads of state) makes us bleed. The knowledge invited by Macron and Macky Sall (the one who deported me) gives us the NAUSEUM. And we weigh our words. As far as we are concerned, for the sake of clarity, we would like to point out that Claudy Siar’s actions concern him alone. They will not concern us anymore. #lecombatsaccentue, “can read on his Facebook page.

Claudy was quick to clarify through a video posted on his facebook page. He begins by explaining: “I am in Dakar at the global partnership for education. I meet brilliant women and men. They are people from civil society! People whose success commands respect. All decided to invest for and on their Continent! And all would be traitors ?! Some are wondering about my presence here. They should not. You can not think that there is treason when an action is misunderstood ? You can not insult a person while you know his deep convictions !!? Did I make a statement contradicting my fights ..? NO. Thank you to those who understand the issues. Others may not catch them yet. I must therefore dialogue with you on this page. Insult specialists will be banned immediately. We may not agree and respect each other. There is also a fight against ourselves … the mentalities must evolve. I never insult an individual who does not have the same vision as me. My ardent desire is always to understand its positioning. According to him there is no way out in the refusal to dialogue, to negotiate and to oppose to find solutions with the other: “If you denounce, belch and lock yourself in your certainty, it quickly becomes a servitude … a truth sterile. To make war you have to be two. To make peace too … ”

And so, “We must learn not to be the ones who boycott elections that will anyway take place. We must learn to change the rules. For that you have to attend, to make your voice heard as virulent as it is and to act there still focuses the powers !! I want to know, understand and act for the common interest (…) » The facilitator concludes: “Do not let anyone lead you to a stalemate that will be the trap in which we will rush our children. I am sure that many of you live and work in the West, others in Africa for European societies or the state in your country. Does this make them traitors to the cause they defend? Besides, how many are they to affirm loudly, as I do, the necessity of another world? I will not forbid myself any dialogue, no meeting, but I will never close my mouth. ”

Don’t act!