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SENEGAL – Demonstration: Questions about the identity of “thugs”


In the definition, a thug is akin to henchman, a killer. In Senegalese political history, those who hide behind this word have ended up arrogating to themselves the right to violate the population illegally. Often hidden behind masks, caps, glasses or hoods and armed with sticks, clubs or even machetes, they preferably circulate in pick-up vehicles and go out at every political event. By Kewoulo : Investigation webside

The long march of Ousmane Sonko yesterday, towards the court, was again a pretext for them to terrorize, pell-mell, militants, inhabitants, students, rebels in the nose and in the beard of the sworn forces. Many photos and videos reported by journalists exposed their violence in various arteries of the capital, preferably in areas where demonstrators were congregated. During a democratic thrill, around thirty “thugs” embarked in at least three vehicles, clubs in hand, have granted themselves the right to “break the demonstrator”, even if it means attacking people who seem to be dead. ‘have not asked for anything.

In one of the videos uploaded to Senego’s site, a man in civilian clothes, a black cap, holds two backpacking boys by the collar, and ends up slapping one of them. Around him, a white pick-up car carries other men armed with sticks. In the film, there is nothing distinctive about whether these men, who indulge in this violence with impunity, are security and defense forces. In the other images, it’s the same blur around the identity of these thugs. You have to consult another video, posted on the Facebook Senegal 90 platform, to hear a female voice asking for their identity. “We are Fox Rivers and we are on Macky Sall’s side, we will not accept that the country is ransacked,” we hear a reply.

Difficult to authenticate these statements as it will be difficult to certify this list of “engaged”. A recruitment sheet on which 30 names written in ink and divided into ten for 3 pick-ups, receive 15,000 FCFA per day. This list, attributed to the director of Coud, fed the theory of the thugs recruited by the government all day yesterday. Pushing Maguette Sène to publish a denial on Facebook. “I am flabbergasted and shocked to learn that my name was mentioned in an operation to recruit thugs (…) I want to inform the public that neither my education nor my background in any way allow me to be the author of such serious acts for the stability of our dear country ”, declared the director of Coud who also announced a complaint.

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Likewise, the Ministry of National Education also had to provide details on its Facebook page on one of the cars carrying these “thugs” and which bears the institution’s logo. “The ministry specifies that this vehicle in this photo was requisitioned and mobilized as part of the fight against floods and is transporting agents of the hygiene service”, signed Mohamed Moustapha Diagne, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education national.

However, this version can be undermined by a few elements of analysis. First in reverse search, there are no occurrences of this image on the Internet. Then, the people in the back of the white pickup, who are not dressed in the recognizable health service attire, wear masks. “This proves that this is not a very old image and that it dates at least from the Covid-19 period”, analyzes Cheikh Fall, coordinator of the Africtivists network. Finally, by crossing the photos and videos of the event, we can easily establish an identity correspondence from the hats, caps and masks worn by the same men on the pick-up and in the field taking it. take to citizens.


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