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SENEGAL: Guy Marius Sagna on the Ousmane Sonko case: “We know it’s a conspiracy but, Sonko has flanked”

Ousmane Sonko and Guy Marius Sagna

Not too long ago, I was eating every day in gargotes. Relatives spoke to me. It’s not that I didn’t know the risks, but it’s what I can afford. Until the day I had and discovered the pain of typhoid fever. The cause: bowls, spoons, food washed with contaminated water. 

Since then I’ve been trying to do the best I can not to go. That’s why I understand Ousmane Sonko when for financial reasons he went into this massage parlor. 

Those who say, “We know it’s a conspiracy, but Sonko has flanked,” are the descendants of those who said at the time:
– “Aliin Sitoé Diatta is right, but she has given up asking not to pay the tax”
– “Maam Bamba wax na dëgg waye…”
– “Lumumba is right, but…”
– “Sékou Touré and Modibo Keïta are right but they should not leave the CFA franc”
– “Um Nyobe, Ouandié, Osende You are right, but you have lent your flank”
– “Lat Dior is right but…”

Lumumba, Sankara, Mamadou Dia in their time have certainly made mistakes. But at the moment when they are threatened, oppressed, in danger of death or unjustly arrest, arbitrarily speak of their mistakes to justify our inaction, our silence and sometimes our howls with wolves and hyenas is to be COMPLICIT. 

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When I was little, there was a word that was popular: “apoliticism”. Many of our fellow citizens proudly claimed to be apolitical. This was the game of business and careerist politicians. 

Sonko is one of those Senegalese who try to put ethics on the POLITICAL label and who helped to invite, bring back whole sections of Senegalese to take an interest in politics, to mobilize for the management of the affairs of their city, to vote. 

Not just to mobilize and vote. But also and above all to mobilize and vote against the domination, exploitation, oppression, poverty of Senegal and Africa. For freedom, sovereignty, equality, dignity, African unity. 

That is what is under threat today.
That is what they want to stop today. 

On November 30, 1865, French troops were defeated by Maba Diakhou Ba at the Battle of Pathé Badiane. Yesterday it was “Pathé Badiane” for Macky Sall and his imperialist masters who plot against our people. Patriots, I would tell your children and grandchildren your glorious “Pathé Badiane” of February 08, 2021. 

From today, every day must be “Pathé badiane” for President Macky Sall, his clique and his imperialist leaders. 



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