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SENEGAL – ICC prosecutor decides on M2D complaint

Fatoumata Bensouda @CPI

Fatoumata Bensouda, the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court (ICC), who is currently in Dakar, referred to the complaint of the opposition and the Movement for the Defense of Democracy (M2D) about the demonstrations last March.

Following the demonstrations last March, which cost the lives of many Senegalese, the Movement for the Defense of Democracy (M2D) filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC). While in Senegal, the prosecutor of the international jurisdiction spoke out on the issue, facing the press this Saturday in Dakar.

Any person may file information with the Icc under Article 15. Once received, we check that information to see if the Criminal Court really has to deal with the case. That is where we are at. Many have written to us about the events. We are in the analysis phase,” she told reporters.

The day after the demonstrations, the government faced the press. Sidiki Kaba, a lawyer and Minister of Defence, said the following about the complaint of the Movement for the Defense of Democracy (M2D): The International Criminal Court does not attract a state, but individuals who are involved in what are called mass crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide. Have we seen facts that are so serious that could have been related to these crimes that offend the conscience of humanity that brought this–to take this international jurisdiction to try these massive crimes that can have serious consequences for peace and national security? Nothing like this happened in Senegal”.

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