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SENEGAL-LEGISLATIVE: Macky SALL appreciats the voting.

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President Macky Sall accompanied as well as his wife voted in the city of Fatick. After his passage through the ballot box, the Head of State welcomed the voting process. “I am delighted with the good organization of the vote. ” did he declare”

He also addressed the people, speaking about the conduct of the elections. He thus welcomed the maturity of Senegalese democracy, which he believes is a “strong democracy”, the foundation of a nation.

Former President Abdoulaye Wade arrived at his polling station at Point E at 2:20 pm. The latter, who is a candidate, lamented the non-distribution of voters’ cards, he even called for a march to reclaim them fearing fraud on the part of the ruling party. The former head of state also said: “I ask all the voters who voted to watch until the results are proclaimed to see that these results are in line with reality. When counting votes, the law prescribes that voters can be scrutiners, that is to say, to be part of what counts, all these are democratic means of consolidating an election.

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However, around 11 am, Jean Paul Dias, the father of the Mayor of Mermoz – Sacré-Coeur Barthélémy Diaz, a popular figure in the political ring, arrived at the Mass Massaër Niane center to fulfill his duty as a citizen. When he left office 05, he said, “Let those who are not from the commune of Mermoz-Sacré-Cœur do not come to vote here! “.


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