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SENEGAL – Massamba Sall, the last fight of the most targeted judge of the Dakar court


It was in the early afternoon that Judge Massamba Sall left this world with his dirty cases and his dirty cases. After several months of illness, the magistrate on whose shoulders the immediate future of Ousmane Sonko and Adji Raby Sarr weighed will finally not be there when he delivers the conclusions of his hearings and findings.

His death was announced almost an hour ago in the social networks of the law enforcement officers before making the rounds of the media. Massamba Sall, better known as Samba Sall, is considered by lawyers to be “the ally of the Public Prosecutor”, “the handyman of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.” “The one on whom the parquet has always depended.” 

With Judge Mamadou Seck of the 8th Cabinet, Massamba Sall managed almost all the hot issues of the moment. Those dealing with drugs and politics. And if some did not make the front page of the newspapers, files like the one opposing Ousmane Sonko to Adji Sarr ended to shine the spotlight on the boss of the 1st cabinet. This was after Judge Mamadou Seck, appointed first to hear the case of Adji Sarr-Ousmane Sonko, decided “for personal convenience” to get rid of this “lost case”.

Previously, it was Justice Massamba Sall who inherited the “call to insurgency” component of the Ousmane Sonko case. As such, it was he who decided to place the 18 pro-Sonko demonstrators arrested between 3 and 8 March under warrant of committal. And it is also he who placed under mandate of deposit the activists Amadou Clédor Sène, Assane Diouf and Guy Marius Sagna. “When we met him, he was already sick. I don’t know what he was suffering from, but when we saw him, we could feel that he was in bad shape. It is also because of his illness that he unloaded all the files for the benefit of the 3rd firm according to our lawyers.” Said Amadou Clédor Sène. 

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Also, that famous Wednesday, March 3, when Ousmane Sonko was on his way to respond to the summons of Judge Mamadou Seck, it was to allow Judge Massamba Sall to inherit the file that the prefect had the convoy of Ousmane Sonko stopped before arresting the leader of Pastef for “disturbing public order”.

Then, while Ousmane Sonko was in custody at the Research Section, it was towards him that he was taken on Friday, March 5 for a brief hearing that would, on Monday, March 8, lead to a charge and a placement under judicial supervision. Before the Ousmane Sonko case, it was Massamba Sall who had inherited the highly politicized case of Khalifa Ababacar Sall, the mayor of Dakar. And he was the one who indicted him and put him under a warrant of committal. 

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