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SENEGAL: “Senegal of the enclosures” by Ndene Mbodji.

Ndéné Mbodji, jour de la présentation ©Fatou W Sambe.

On the day after the announcement of the results of the legislative elections of July 30, 2017, Professor Ndene Mbodji presented his book “Le Sénégal des enlisements: Criticism of a Political Landscape” August 4, 2017 in Dakar, Fann Residence, with the collaboration of its publisher the Harmattan.

In this book, Dr. Emeritus Ndene Mbodji, Ph.D. in Communication Philosophy, looks at the process of democracy in the country. Even if Senegal is presented internationally as a model of democracy because being one of the few countries that has succeeded in democratic alternation without a bloodbath, the professor isistic, however, on the effect of stagnation of this model So much sung, so magnified.

Blending Western scientific references and philosophical thoughts on negritude, the book offers a profoundly original approach to Senegalese democracy.

The latter is captured in its very singularity, analyzed, vilified in itself for itself, while reflecting the universal components of democracy: the contrasting influence of the media, the dangerous games of spins doctors, the versatility of public opinion, Intellectuals.

Ndene Mbodj tried precisely in this book to denounce without concession but not without depth. It is an invitation to debate to reinvent Senegalese democracy.

In short, this book presents a hard judgment, certainly, but passionate, a judgment that ultimately does not condemn. A judgment that severely criticizes the past but does not obliterate the future.