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SENEGAL: Tax evasion: The country loses 92 988 000 000 Fcfa


In a report released to the public, the financial and economic information site relating to the Stock Exchange in the 8 WAEMU countries reveals that Senegal records $ 168 million in tax evasion, or 5.2% of tax revenue. By Senenews.

According to these data revealed by Tax Justice Network, a UK network focused on research, analysis and advocacy in the field of international tax and financial regulation, Senegal is ranked 5th on a list of 14 countries in the sub-region.

Guinea, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cape Verde are the countries least affected by the phenomenon. But according to the document, Nigeria is the most affected by the phenomenon with a loss of nearly 11 billion dollars each year.

More surprisingly, the Ivory Coast, 3rd economy behind Ghana, sees 237 million dollars each year escape the tax authorities. The other big surprise is the Gambia and Liberia, two small countries which report between 198 and 194 million dollars each year in leaks to tax havens. More globally, tax evasion at the African level is estimated at $ 25.8 billion each year.

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Source: Senenews / By Modou Mamoune Tine


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