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SENEGAL – The Collective for the Defense of the Rights of Adji Sarr (CODDAS) is born, the initiator Françoise Hélène Gaye explains

Collective "CODDAS"

The political activist, well known on social networks, Françoise Hélène Gaye Ditwiller “comes to the aid of Adji Sarr, the masseuse who accused the leader of Pastef-Les Patriotes of rape and threats with weapons. The Senegalese who lives in the United States has created a Collective “Collective for the Defense of the Rights of Adji Sarr (CODDAS)”. Objective: to provide full support to the complainant in order to shed light on this politico-judicial affair which provoked violent demonstrations in Senegal, protests which caused 14 deaths, more than 500 injured and hundreds of arbitrary arrests. Françoise Hélène Gaye the initiator of this Support Collective gives details of the organization and principles of this support.

“We found that little Adji Sarr was left on her own. Many personalities in public life have beaten their careers on this principle. Organizations that are in the field of Defense of Women’s Rights almost attacked Adji Sarr. They all refused to take up their mission. The women deputies including Aida Mbodji who was Minister for Women, took a stand for the accused without having listened to Adji Sarr on the basis of the presumption of holiness of Ousmane Sonko. They positioned themselves for Sonko without having met or expressed any empathy or humanism for Adji Sarr. Organizations present in the square have demonstrated that the Senegalese woman was an orphan. Even murderers have the right to a lawyer. For weeks, his detractors have called for a statement or appearance from Adji Sarr. When she spoke, they denied her the right to speak. When she invoked the name of her marabout, they denied her the right to have faith in her marabout. She covered herself according to the rules of Islamic law, they denied her the right to cover herself. They denigrated her, slandered her, insulted her, threatened her with death just as they have done to me for over 2 years. Never in the history of our Nation has a young girl been the victim of so much persecution, insults and slander.

This Collective goes beyond Adji Sarr and Ousmane Sonko. He fights against the misogyny of Senegalese society and the trivialization of violence against women and girls in Senegal. Many girls and young boys are abused or raped without daring to report. Imagine that during this time there are millions of young people: Talibés, students, young girls, housekeepers who are today abused, raped by a relative, a teacher, a stranger without daring to denounce. With the treatment of Adji Sarr, these young victims may never dare to break the silence and ask for help. The cycle of violence will thus continue and we thus give carte blanche to thousands of predators and thereby condemn thousands of our children to suffer in silence and sentence them to life imprisonment. They will now live at the mercy of their torturers.

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This collective does not ask for money or donations of any kind for Lady Adji Sarr. We just want to open their eyes to the many Senegalese who pretend not to see the flagrant injustice against our young compatriot Adji Sarr and ask that the Senegalese people give them the right to speak and allow them to hear their complaint. “

Françoise Hélène Gaye

You can read the Collective’s clauses below:

“We, Senegalese citizens of the diaspora, and indigenous people, bring to the attention of national and international opinion, the birth of the collective for the defense of the rights of Adji Sarr (CODDAS).

  • Considering the serious threats to his physical integrity, the death threats, and the torrents of insults and mud that are poured out on his person.
  • Considering the intimidation attempts, and the smear and demonization campaign against her, with the sole purpose of silencing her.
    Considering that justice is served in the name of the people, and that there cannot be an untouchable litigant in our country and that no one is above the law.
    We, members of CODDAS, warn against any attempt to infringe the rights of the alleged victim ADJI SARR.
    From now on, we set ourselves up as shields and sentries to defend Republican principles through this private history that the opposing party has transferred to the political arena.
    From now on, we intend to assert all of Adji Sarr’s rights, so that no one ignores his side of the story.
    Nevertheless, we appeal for serenity and vigilance, and demand that the law be said through a fair trial.
    For the Collective for the Defense of the Rights of Adji Sarr
    CODDAS The President Françoise Helene Gaye Ditwiller ”

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