Home POLITICS SENEGAL: The country waiting for a new government.

SENEGAL: The country waiting for a new government.


Prime Minister Mahamad Boun Abdallah Dione presented his resignation in the early afternoon of Tuesday 5 September 2017 in the premises of the Palais in Dakar.

The latter has not yet been re-appointed by President Macky Sall.

This resignation comes one month after the victory of the presidential majority in the last legislative elections of 30 July.

The Secretary General of the Presidency, Maxime Jean Simon Ndiaye, immediately read a statement: “The Head of State notes that the outgoing Prime Minister has discharged his office with dedication. The Head of State thanks you and informs you that in the coming days, a new government will be formed which will have to carry on without ceasing the work started since 2012 “.

The head of state now gives himself time to appoint a prime minister whose primary objective is to form a government.

The statement and speech of Mr. Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne at the delivery of the letter of resignation of the Government.

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