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SENEGAL : The first words of Diary Sow: “I am no longer …”


Back in Senegal for a few days, Diary Sow finally comes out of his silence. The young woman spoke on Instagram via her official page. This, to publish the trailer for his new book entitled “And the masks fall”.

On the social network, the young novelist reveals the quintessence of the book. It is about a love affair between a servant and the son of her boss. An idyll that takes place between Dakar, Saint-Louis and Paris. It features Karim and Allyn, two young people from different backgrounds but whom love brings together. Sadly, Allyn’s over-ambitious ambition puts a strain on their relationship. Because over the course of the book, Allyn reveals its dark part. “The country girl who had seduced Karim has become a mermaid of the Parisian catwalks” and is now called Eryn Joly, writes Diary Sow.

Who are Diary, Allyn and Eryn?

On Instagram, the question that comes up in comments is “what is the connection or the difference between Diary, Allyn and Eryn”. Indeed, following his disappearance, some had considered that the character of Allyn is no one other than Diary Sow. As if to maintain the doubt, Diary reveals the characteristics of Allyn and Eryn in chiaroscuro language.

Eryn, the rebel

“Eryn is a character that I play by day, sometimes at night, a disguise that I carefully maintain through lies, pretense and the unspoken,” says Diary Sow.

She continues: “Who am I really? I don’t know today than yesterday. I am always for myself, a mysterious and unfathomable world. Once again alone on my own, having no family, no friend but myself. If I needed a costume, it’s not because my soul is not pure, it is no less pure than yours, and at the risk of disappointing you, the pain does not have it. not debased. It’s not because I’m damned, not to spare your sensitivity, much less to cover up my share of darkness.
I see the end of darkness ”.

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She concludes, “Whatever the outcome, I’ll be ready. Even in the darkest of times, no one will know my Achilles heel. No matter my torments, my defeats, I will rise from my ashes, like the phoenix. And then my heart will stop being cold forever ”.

Allyn no longer exists!

As for Allyn, this is what she said: “My name is no longer Allyn. I ceased to be Allyn exactly twenty-six months and two days ago, when fate once again knocked on my doorstep. Since then, I have been two distinct women that nothing connects ”, she writes.

Thus, Allyn gives way to Eryn Joly. A name she deemed “too Western and unnatural”. But now she feels she was wrong.

“An immoral life, … I got a taste of it”

Also in the comments Diary Sow is revealed through his words. She talks about love, disappointment and the quest for knowledge. Is she talking about her, Allyn or Eryn?

Whichever character is brought to light, Diary writes, “There is certainly no greater woe than love when it is over, but no happiness equals it when it begins. I had screamed in pain to see my abandoned lover disappear. My silence, chatty though it was, hadn’t spoken to him. So I went to find out on my own, about everything in response to this intrinsic need to confront the unknown. A dissolute, immoral life, some would say. But I finally got a taste for it. And my principles could not withstand the influence of this world for long. “

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