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SENEGAL – “Thiey Adji Sarr”, a controversial series, “Dafadoy” calls for censorship


The Collective Against Violence Against Women and Children “Dafadoy” called for censorship of the series entitled “Thiey Adji Sarr” to the National Regulatory Council of the CNRA Audiovisual. As a reminder, following this controversy around the series, the title “Thiey Adji Sarr” was replaced by another name “Baline Coumba”. This change of title has not calmed the ardour within the feminist movements that want the censorship of this television production. A letter was sent to Babacar Diagne, Director of the National Regulatory Council of the CNRA Audiovisual. This past Sunday, April 18, he called the producers of the series “for an explanation session”.

The content of the letter: 

Dear Mr Director,

“In recent days, a trailer of a series titled “Thiey Adji Sarr” has been released via traditional media and social media. Such a title, in this particular context, automatically refers to the young girl named Adji SARR who filed a complaint against Mr. Ousmane SONKO, leader of the PASTEF party for rape and death threats. As a reminder, this story of «rape» had put the country in a situation of unprecedented instability with violence that resulted in the loss of human lives, the ransacking of public and private property, imprisonments, citizens insulted, intimidated and threatened with death. As for the alleged victim, beyond the trauma and fear, she was thrown into popular vindiction and her image was tarnished through insults, threats and other discrimination against her. Since the case is pending before the courts, the broadcast of this series would only reinforce the stigma against Adji SARR, but also a sense of presumption of guilt of the alleged victim.In view of the reactions on the social networks, the promoters of the series changed the title to call it Baline Coumba Baline which would mean (troublemaker). But this change does not alter the content of the series. It must be noted that the content remains the same and could even constitute a serious attack on the image and privacy of the complainant Adji Sarr. It is for this reason that the Collective “Dafadoy”, faithful to its principles of fight against violence against women and children, calls for the censorship of this series for the respect of the rights of Adji Sarr, respect for human dignity at all, and the preservation of social peace. In the hope that this request will be granted favourable follow-up, we ask you to believe, Mr Director, in the assurance of our perfect consideration. The Collective Against Violence Against Women and Children “Dafadoy”.  

It should be noted that Maître El Hadji Diouf, Adji Sarr’s lawyer, filed a complaint for “defamation” and “dissemination of images contrary to good morals.” In February 2021, the masseuse filed a complaint for repeated rape and death threats against the leader of Pastef-Les Patriotes Ousmane Sonko who led to his arrest. On this issue, the former MP has always shouted “conspiracy for political liquidation”. His arrest provoked a wave of violent and murderous demonstrations across Senegal in February-March. At the count of 14 dead and more than 500 wounded and hundreds of arrests all over Senegal.

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