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SENEGAL – Tysilio inaugurates a solar station near Sédhiou in Casamance


Tysilio Senegal, a subsidiary of the French group, has just inaugurated the 39.68 kWp Tysilio solar station (TSS) in Sefa, near Sédhiou, Casamance. The installation is equipped with a bidirectional inverter and an energy storage system.

Sefa’s Community Agricultural Estate (CAR) will benefit from the solar energy produced during the day as well as the surplus that will be stored so that it can be consumed outside the hours of sunshine.

Tysilio has signed a partnership agreement with PRODAC (Community Agricultural Fields Programme) which defines an active collaboration to promote Sefa’s DAC’s sustainable access to electricity through photovoltaic solutions. This partnership was made possible thanks to the assistance of the economic service of the Embassy of France in Dakar which enabled the financing of this pilot project.

Almost 10 million FCFA annual savings
The Tysilio power plant, “innovative in its integrated, eco-friendly, modular, movable, replicable and connected concept,” has a lifespan of 25 years, with battery replacement per decade, explains a Tysilio release. It will save about CFAF 8 million a year on the diesel oil bill (fuel saving and maintenance of a diesel generator).

This demonstrator is 100% funded by the FASEP (Fonds d’étude et d’aide au secteur privé), whose objective is to allow a pilot project that can then be duplicated by other CARs.

PRODAC was created in 2014 and illustrates the willingness of the Senegalese authorities to contribute to the reduction of social insecurity in rural and peri-urban environments by promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among young people and women and, Finally, to ensure the economic and social development of these areas.

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The CARs are centres of economic competitiveness, places of integration of young people and of reception of private promoters wishing to invest in the agricultural sector, as well as in production activities as processing and services. However, some CARs are too far away to connect to the power grid. They are powered by expensive diesel generators – twice the price of the public electricity grid.
A model to replicate

It was in this context that Tysilio benefited from support from the FASEP Green Innovation scheme of the General Directorate of the Treasury of the French Ministry of Economy. This scheme promotes the development of technologies, particularly in the field of green innovation.
The FASEP will allow Tysilio to prove the relevance of a modular solar station with a storage system, suitable for use in non-electrified areas on an agricultural estate. But this design is not the only one possible and Tysilio offers many medium-power self-consumption solar solutions, with or without battery, especially thanks to its TSS which can meet higher power demands, for all types of uses (agricultural, industrial, …).

Source : La Tribune Afrique


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