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SENEGAL – What if the honourable Deputy Ousmane Sonko resigned from the National Assembly? By Madeira Fall


For a very long time, the idea of putting this thought into the public square had been on my mind. I started with two comments:

– The first is that the hon. member of Parliament, Ousmane Sonko, in view of his audience and his popularity, does not need the audience of this aperist, folkloric and savagely vandalized assembly by a category of individuals who royally ignore the role of the member of Parliament, to defend the interests of the people or to convey messages to the Senegalese people. His audience is wider than that.

– The second point is his personal safety. I am not surprised by this clash yesterday, with a ‘disgrace’ from the presidential camp. To please their leader, they are even ready to kill him. For nothing will happen to them after the crime!
By going to this high place where all that participates of evil in the march of the republic is decided, the most famous opponent, the most charismatic and the most listened and followed in Senegal, as in the diaspora, waste time and decay by rubbing against common individuals. As was the case yesterday. We provoke him to try to humiliate him and make him look like a common guy.This is fundamentally wrong!

Unfortunately the ambitions are not the same!
Sonko did not enter politics to be a deputy!His ambition is to replace the usurper of power suddenly become a dictator. Ousmane Sonko is more cultured than he, more astute than he, but also more attached to the values of the republic.
Indeed, this vulgar MP who provoked him yesterday, has no other ambitions than to keep his mandate as an MP , as indeed all those who remained around their boss, at the level of their respective positions. Macky doesn’t want to be surrounded by ambitious men and women. Ambition, whatever its orientation, is a crime in this guy. Ask Amadou Ba, Mimi and others….

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The young honourable Member of Parliament is a adept of martial arts and is not yet ready to flee a fight, face to face! I do not know who will be next, who would dare to rub shoulders with him, but he should think about it seriously.

Finally, I repeat, Ousmane Sonko must resign from his position as a member of Parliament.This position does not provide him with any earnings and exposes him to permanent dangers. It will also allow him to travel the most remote places of the country and at the same time work more on the unity of the opposition which still fails to understand, that he is naturally their leader. This posture is not the reflection of the ballot box, but rather the incarnation and the door of a disillusioned youth, mistreated and condemned to collective suicide. We lost too many young people in the ocean and on the roads of Senegal (Jakarta).

Senegal, since Abdoulaye wade opponent of Diouf, had not known an opponent of the caliber of the young karatéka, we must protect him guide him and especially the advisor. It is in the interest of all Senegalese who aspire to change in this country. Let us avoid certain behaviours that do not honour his current posture. A gentleman does not fight. Senegalese rely more on his intelligence and his real ability to get the country out of the rubble, than on his devastating hooks. Otherwise Macky would do well…

Madere Fall from United States


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