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BENIN: Social measures related to the Coronavirus pandemic: Nearly 74.12 billion expected


As part of the implementation of the social measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Benin, meeting in Council of Ministers on Wednesday, 10 June, has just confirmed the implementation of a support programme of 74,FCFA 12 billion, in favour of formal enterprises, artisans and small informal service trades, and vulnerable people such as the poor and extreme poor.

The measures contained in the programme are divided into three main areas:

1- support of FCFA 63.38 billion for enterprises.

This allocation is intended to cover, as the case may be, 70% of the gross salary of employees declared over a period of three months, to reimburse VAT credits, exemption from the payment of motor vehicle tax for those who have not yet paid it in respect of 2020 or its conversion into a tax credit, in respect of 2021, for those who have already paid it, the payment of commercial rents over three months for the benefit of declared travel agencies.

It is also intended to take full charge of electricity bills for 3 months for hotels and travel agencies to the tune of FCFA 4.1 billion.

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This item also includes a bonus fund of FCFA 30 billion to support a financing line of FCFA 100 billion at zero rate for the benefit of targeted economic actors via banking institutions and decentralised financial systems (SFD). Credits that will be granted via zero percent (0%) interest rate banks will be repayable over a period of up to three (3) years. Credits granted by DFS will be refundable up to one year.

2- support of FCFA 4.98 billion for craftsmen and those working in small trades.

It takes into account 55,000 people of these categories (activities such as hairdressing, sewing, welding, carpentry, small saleswomen, etc.) who have registered on the open digital platform for this purpose, as well as in town halls and social promotion centers.

3- a general subsidy, which applies to all citizens, on electricity and water tariffs amounting to FCFA 5.76 billion.

To all this will be added a special subsidy for the benefit of the poor and extreme poor as soon as the operation of their identification is completed.

In approving these measures, the Council instructed the Ministers concerned to ensure their immediate implementation.


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