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[ 94 BILLION CASE ] – “A justice victim of a vast fraud enterprise”, says Ousmane Sonko


Decidedly, the case of the 94 billion on which the deputy and opponent Ousmane Sonko has challenged the justice is far from knowing its epilogue. Despite his desire to constitute himself as a civil party, the anti-system candidate was rejected by the courts on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Then he decided to report to national and international public opinion a “complicit justice of a vast fraud enterprise”. Here is the message posted by the deputy on his Facebook page on Wednesday, July 14, to review the evidence of his accusations against Mamour Diallo, former National Director of Domains.

Fellow countrymen, you can be robbed of billions of francs of your taxes with the blessing of a certain justice at the orders of Macky Sall.

On the case of the 94 billion, the Prosecution Chamber has just confirmed the refusal to inform the late Dean of Judges. What is it?

1- We filed a series of complaints and disclosures of fraud involving public funds with:
– the Attorney General of Macky Sall;
– the Dean of Judges;
– of the OFNAC;
– of the State Inspectorate.

OFNAC has drawn up an INVESTIGATION REPORT No. 03/2019, transmitted to the Prosecutor of Macky Sall since October 2019, in which it recommends the opening of legal proceedings against the defendants for the offences:
– criminal association, which is foreseen and repressed by Articles 238 to 240 of the Penal Code;
– fraud involving public funds, which is foreseen and repressed by Articles 152 to 154 of the Penal Code;
– attempted fraud involving the residual amount;
– and complicity in these events.

The OFNAC did not stop so well. He highlighted 26 other cases that are presented in the same way and that allowed the same actors to siphon tens and tens of billions of public funds.

2- The prosecutor of Macky Sall, who has on his table our complaint dated 2017 and the excellent report of the OFNAC of 2019, refuses to lift a finger for the simple reason that the crooks are affiliated with the APR and that it is a loot shared at several levels through the “rebates”. Nothing really surprising with this man;

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3- The dean of judges, after having registered our complaint and heard us, preferred to refuse to inform, arguing that we had no standing when the money of 15 million Senegalese is stolen by a handful of people. Nothing surprising there too: the late Dean of Judges had confessed to me in front of my lawyers and his clerk, during our last face-to-face meeting on March 3, 2021, that he had been slapped on the wrist by the entire state hierarchy for simply hearing from me in 2019 as a civil party;

4- The Prosecution Chamber, with inexplicable zeal and haste, has just confirmed this refusal to inform. We expected nothing more from this judge: when we are approached to replace the prosecutor of Macky Sall, we must give some guarantees to the latter who considers that the positions of prosecutor, dean of judges, presidents of the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court, among others, belong to him and their occupants owe him docility and obedience. To watch in the coming weeks!

5- We consider that we have largely fulfilled our role as citizens and watchdogs in this matter. However, to exhaust the proceedings, and without any illusions, we asked our lawyers to take the matter to the Court of Cassation.

Senegalese, Senegalese, to put it simply:
– Macky Sall’s attorney tells you that he does not care if billions of your taxes are stolen by regime bosses. He is much more concerned about the pursuit of opponents to his master;
– The Dean of Judges and the Trial Chamber tell you that, yes, there was certainly a fraud, but it is not up to Ousmane Sonko, a Senegalese citizen and a representative of the people to denounce him: “Xaalisu réew mi la, yoonam nekku ci”

That is what an important part of our justice system is reduced to.

Sad for all those magistrates still standing and proud who suffer more than all from this sad spectacle of voluntary submission to the executive.


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