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AFRICA – Johnson & Johnson decides to stop testing for a vaccine


A real stop in the fight against HIV AIDS. The “Imbokodo” test programme, launched in Southern Africa since 2017, has not produced the expected results. The pharmaceutical group, Johnson & Johnson, made the decision to abandon this testing program, which was a step in the fight against HIV-AIDS. An announcement made in a press release by the scientific director of the American group, Paul Stoffels, on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

The Imbokodo program will not end. The Johnson & Johnson testing program will be discontinued due to lack of conclusive results. The Imbokodo trial will not continue,’ the US pharmaceutical group said in a statement released on Tuesday 31 August. A real blow and disappointment in the fight against HIV that affects 38 million people worldwide, most of whom come from the African continent. “We are disappointed that this candidate vaccine has not provided an adequate level of protection against infection,’ said US group scientific director Paul Stoffel. He also said that nearly 2,600 young women aged 18 to 35 from Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe participated in the clinical trial. Half of them received several injections of this candidate vaccine; the other half a placebo, a drug without an active ingredient.

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However, despite this first step, the effects were unsatisfactory. “Although the vaccine has been well tolerated, its effectiveness is only 25%,’ revealed Johnson & Johnson, who announced another trial called Mosaico in Europe and America. The findings of this new experiment are expected in 2024.


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