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ALGERIA: Karim Tabbou: «My release is an event but that of Algeria is a fight»

Karim Tabbou @AlgériePartPlus

The figure of the popular movement (Hirak) Karim Tabbou was released this Thursday from the prison of Kolea (Tipaza). The political activist was provisionally released by the Prosecution Chamber of the Court of Algiers, which examined the appeal lodged by his defence concerning the execution of the decision of 24 March last where he had been sentenced to 1 year in prison. By Algeria 360.

Upon his release from Kolea prison, Karim Tabbou was greeted by a crowd of people from across the country to celebrate his “provisional” release.

“My release will not be celebrated, but on the day of the country’s liberation,” Tebbou told Berber TV. “

“My release is an event but that of Algeria is a fight,” added the activist, underlining that “Algeria had its independence, but the liberation of the people requires efforts.

“We want more freedom in Algeria, we do not want the country to become an open-air prison,” said Karim Tabbou, paying tribute to all the Algerians who supported her.

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A few days before the anniversary of the country’s independence, several Hirak activists, including Amira Bouraoui and Samir Benlarbi, have regained their freedoms. A gesture of calm that was announced by Soufiane Djilali on June 2.

As a reminder, Karim Tabbou was sentenced on 11 March to one year in prison, six of which were suspended, by the court of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers). Following the appeal lodged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Court of Algiers sentenced him on 24 March to a year in prison.


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