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AMERICA / FRANCE – Joséphine Baker, the Franco-American artist will enter the Pantheon


The famous Franco-American music hall artist, Joséphine Baker, will rest at the Pantheon on November 30, 2021, according to the Parisian’s website. According to the newspaper, French President Emmanuel Macron responded favorably on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, to a group of personalities behind a petition in favor of the initiative. She will thus be the first black woman to be buried in the secular necropolis in central Paris.

Joséphine Baker, singer, dancer and figure of the Resistance and the fight against racism will be the first black woman to rest in the Pantheon. A decision taken by the French Head of State, Emmanuel Macron, in July 2021, and which will be implemented on November 30.

Born in 1906 in Missouri, the first Métis music hall performer died in 1975 in Paris and buried in Monaco. His fight against all forms of racism will grant him the privilege of the great men who have marked the history of France. The crypt of the Pantheon accommodates the main personalities who carried noble fights in France, from Voltaire and Rousseau to Simone Veil and Maurice Genevoix. Moreover, on the pediment of the building, is inscribed this: “To the great men the grateful fatherland”.

A petition was launched in 2019, by a certain Laurent Kupferman, to demand the “pantheonization” of Joséphine Baker, performer of the famous song “J’ai deux amours”. The request had reached 38 thousand signatures. The text of the petition read as follows: “Artist, first black international star, muse of the cubists, resistance during World War II in the French army, active alongside Martin Luther King for civil rights in the United States of America and France alongside Lica [the International League against Anti-Semitism, now Licra: International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism] (…), we believe that Joséphine Baker, 1906-1975, has her place in the Pantheon . She loved France and France loved her in return. With this pantheonization, we can say that this story is now eternal “, confides to the Parisian one of his adopted sons, Brian Bouillon-Baker.”

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Originally from Saint Louis, in an America where racial segregation reigns, she was able to display her talent in Paris to fight against injustice, discrimination and the deprivation of freedoms.

Note that among the 80 “pantheonized” are politicians, writers, scientists, some religious and many soldiers. In this building located in the heart of Paris, only five women are currently buried there, including Simone Veil, the latest personality to have been, in 2018. Joséphine Baker will be the first black woman whose memory will be honored in this memorable event. place.


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