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BENIN: FCFA 94 billion in inherited debts to workers

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President Patrice Talon welcomes the progress made in paying down the debt to workers. Since 2016 out of a total of 94 billion FCFA of inherited debts towards workers, the Government has already paid, to date, 52 billion FCFA.

Similarly, for FCFA 49 billion of debts to pensioners, we have already been able to pay FCFA 26.7 billion. To this are added FCFA 6.9 billion of exceptional incentive premium to health workers and FCFA 1 billion of risk premium.

In sum, out of a total of FCFA 173 billion owed to workers and retirees before 2016, FCFA 87 billion were actually paid, or more than 50% of payment level.

Maintaining dialogue with our social partners and all segments of the population is one of the leitmotivs underlying our government’s action. It is with this dynamic that this Friday morning at the Palace of the Marina, I received the seven (7) Confederal General Secretaries, in order to exchange with them on the efforts of the Government with regard to the satisfaction of the needs of the workers.

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At the end of our exchanges, we decided with immediate effect to assume debts of FCFA 15 billion resulting from the effects of various commitments taken before 2016 and which were not yet paid.

These considerable efforts are only the result of the reforms implemented and the efforts made by every Beninese in recent years.

I am aware of the immense development challenges facing our country, but as usual, I want to reassure us that, with the ink of hard work, we can, we must and we will continue to write together the next pages of the book of the revelation of our beautiful country, Benin.
I would therefore like to congratulate all the people of Benin, whose hard work and support enable them to make these remarkable efforts for the benefit of our workers.


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