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BENIN: President Patrice Talon addresses the nation

President Patrice Talon @Gouverment of Benin

The Beninese president addressed the nation at the end of 2020. He spoke at the National Assembly on 29 December 2020. Attached is an excerpt from his speech followed by the full video.

Mr President of the National Assembly Ladies and gentlemen representing the Beninese Nation, It is with honour and enthusiasm that I once again make it my duty to speak to you about the state of our Nation. As you have observed, this year I made the choice of going to contact our constituents, to give them a direct account of our common journey over the past five years. A few months before the end of the mandate they granted me to guide and lead our common action for our common growth, it is before you that I would like solemnly to present the photography of our country in the essential areas of our life in community. Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has not spared any country, my feeling is that Benin is doing rather well, even though we must continue our efforts to meet most of our basic needs…

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Le discours intégral :


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