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BENIN: Patrice Talon candidate for a second term

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Outgoing President Patrice Talon is officially running in the presidential election. He declared himself a candidate for a second term on Friday 15 January in Adjohoun in the Ouémé region, 63 km from Cotonou, the capital. It was the last stop on his national tour across the country.

“I will be a candidate for good governance. I would like to defend three things: democracy, our freedoms and good governance,” said President Patrice Talon Adjohoun, the last step of his presidential tour. 77 communes were visited, a bet passed by President Talon.This presidential tour started on Thursday, November 12, 2020 by the municipality of Savè in the Hills, the national tour of accountability undertaken by President Patrice Talon ended this Friday, January 15, 2021 at the end of the session of exchanges with the populations of Adjohoun in the Ouémé.Whether by land, or on the water , from North to South, from East to West, no commune has been abandoned by the Head of State who wanted to report to his fellow citizens of the action of his government during the last 5 years. A total of 9801 km was travelled (by land) to meet the populations of the 77 communes of Benin.

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Patrice Talon is thus a candidate for his own succession. It is in 2006 that he was elected, he will finish this first term in less than three months. He returns to the electoral ring to face his potential adversaries. 

However, the race for candidates is still close, this presidential election requires sponsorships of elected officials, which could weaken some candidates who lack support.As a reminder, this sponsorship law was highly contested by members of the opposition who saw it as a state means to prevent them from being in turn in the political ring for the race for the high judiciary. It is thus perceived as a lock-in of the electoral process that gives all the advantages to President Patrice Talon. 

The presidential election is scheduled for 11 April 2021.


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