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BURKINA FASO -Kayawoto, a news hardcore voice of burkinabe rap

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With two clips of beautiful bills: “Selamin” & “Waga Rimin”, excerpt from his first album, “Maouland”, a digest of incisive punchlines in mooré, Kayawoto is a rapper to be bet on. Make your games!

Abdoul Kaboré, aka Kayawoto who means (that’s how it is here), 26 years old, has only recently risen to the forefront of Burkinabe rap. Before becoming an artist, he did a lot of odd jobs: illegal gold digger, auto electrician, waiter before (re)coming to the music he was rocked in his childhood. He tries to rap and runs auditions. Kayawoto began to make people talk about him, about four years ago, in the Burkinabe musical universe. It was during a freestyle gathering young Burkinabe rappers that he put everyone in agreement on his talent. Feeling comfortable in this flow, he decides to add a more local coloration: the mooré. His personal touch: the Maouland.

We have the feeling that he wants to create a world by himself. Kayawoto, he looks like a Japanese manga hero. Maouland! Another Wakanda? In any case, the young man seeks to mark his artistic identity. Maou, in mooré, means a man who struggles to make a place for himself in the sun. That’s why he chose to shoot the flagship clip of this album in Dubai.

Kayawoto ©Page Facebook Kayawoto

With two stunning clips “Selamin” & “Waga Rimin”, Kayawoto draws a burst of machine gun. Basically, the song is a reflection on life, death and the lessons learned over time. The artist shakes, provokes: he wants to think outside the box. His clip gives the thrill. This first clip, designed on the warm sands of Dubai, was very noticed. The Conseil Supérieur de la Communication has banned the broadcast of its clip on public channels during the hours of big listens. However, this young rapper admits that his songs are an invitation to personal effort, to surpass clichés and especially to work.

Kayawoto ©Page Facebook Kayawoto

His first album “Maouland” was released on February 26, 2021 and was nominated in five categories at Kundé 2021. This young artist wants to impose himself as an artist of rupture. The one that brings out the Burkinabe rap that is supernatural by the Nigerian afrobeat and the Ivorian coupe-décalé, in decline since the tragic death of its banner Arafat DJ.

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Kayawoto performs sold out in the biggest shows in Ouagadougou. But, he does not want to be satisfied with this local success. He wants to export, to internationalize like all great artists.


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