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BURKINA FASO: The report on corruption is public.


The National Anti-Corruption Network (REN-LAC) reported on its investigation of corruption on September 30, 2019. This investigation work was carried out between November 8 and 20, 2018. The document states that the corruption has become a scourge in the country. This phenomenon is gaining more and more importance in many sectors of society. First cause of this dysfunction: the authorities do not take disciplinary sanctions against the guilty parties.

According to Sagado Nacanabo, executive secretary of Burkina Faso’s national anti-corruption network, the citizens surveyed in this survey have almost all confirmed that the level of corruption continues to climb.

The sectors most affected by corruption are classified as follows: the Customs at the head of the list followed by the Municipal Police, the Directorate General of Land and Maritime Transport (DGTTM), the National Gendarmerie, the National Police, the secondary education and finally Justice.

Remi Dandjinou, the spokesman for the government, said the state took note of the findings of the investigation. Therefore, strong measures will be taken soon to correct the most severely in public services, the authors take advantage of the latest public or who poorly manage their budget portfolio at the head of the institutions they lead.

The NGO REN-LAC which carried out the investigation also asks the population to denounce the acts of corruption and to help the government to definitively fight this plague.