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COMOROS: End of the fight against customs tariffs.

Comores, M

The strike of traders and employers against the exorbitant customs tariffs practiced in the Comoros, launched on Monday January 27, 2020, ended on Wednesday January 29. The Comoros government undertakes to open negotiations soon in order to reach an agreement with the collective of traders.

After almost three days of dispute in a collective called anti-price hike, the main employers ‘organization of the country led by Mahamoudou Mohamed Ali and the national traders’ union heard the government’s call to discuss the increase in customs tariffs. The traders said they were ready to go to the end if nothing was done the authorities.

The movement hopes for a happy outcome at this next meeting with the government. Indeed, the Minister of Finance had received the movement of Comorian companies on Monday, the first day of strike, but the collective was not satisfied with the proposals made.


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