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CORONAVIRUS: Abdoulaye Wade demands the immediate repatriation of students.

Abdoulaye Wade, ©Page facebook.

The former President of the Republic of Senegal has spoken out on the government’s decision not to repatriate the 13 Senegalese students who are stranded in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus which has already caused more than 1,000 deaths. For him, the State of Senegal must imperatively repatriate these citizens before the worst happens.

Abdoulaye Wade recognizes that we must be careful not to expose the Senegalese people but he finds it unacceptable that the Senegalese government does nothing for these students who have the same right of protection as their fellow citizens.

According to him, in his press release of Thursday, February 13, 2020, the solution is quite simple: “Send a medical team made up of Senegalese doctors who, with their Chinese colleagues, select those who are not affected for immediate repatriation, the rest, if there are any, to be treated on the spot in Chinese hospitals until their complete recovery; The other students must be quarantined in a very hot country because, according to specialists, the risk of spread to Senegal is weak because we are a hot country. ”

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The former president did not fail to call on the countries of West Africa to pool their efforts to fight more effectively against this epidemic in order to prevent it from entering the continent.


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