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DR CONGO/FRANCE – Bastien & Taly upgraded “Mibalé”: a bridge between people, continents and cultures

Bastien & Taly @Capture Facebook

The new title on the first EP of the Congolese and the French Bastien & Taly has already been released on all digital platforms on May 14, 2021. The duo launched with the title “Mibalé”, sung in Lingala, a language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where Taly is originally from. “Mibalé” means “two”, “two” in Lingala. “Mibalé” is a song that expresses the idea of perseverance for two, but more importantly, having a dream and achieving it.

“Mibalé”: a bridge between people, continents and cultures.
Bastien & Taly are formal in this production, “Mibalé” thus echoes their collaboration, which has been forged around their shared dream of producing and writing songs.“Mibalé” is a bridge between people, continents and cultures. This song combines Afro-Cuban and African influences, paying tribute to the first and second generations of Congolese rumba musicians. “Mibalé” is rich in Caribbean colours and its song in Lingala is a perfect marriage of this opus which refers to the meeting between Cuba and Congo Brazzaville and Kinshasa. We discover the title, carried by a superb animation clip directed by Alexandra Cabanès.

Bastien & Taly duo born
In 2017, the duo Bastien & Taly was born in Paris during a gospel rehearsal in an amateur choir.  For Taly, who sings from an early age, music is an outlet, and a means of expression. From 2017 to 2018, the two acolytes began shaping their first songs, initially oriented towards funk, soul and gospel. Subsequently, Bastien began his studies in anthropology of music and specialized in African and Caribbean repertoire. From there emerges the common idea of turning to the Congolese origins (DRC) of Taly. Taly then began to write and compose his melodies in Lingala, in addition to English.Very quickly, their first EP emerged, marked by their attraction for African-American, African and Caribbean directories.

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Music to get the message across
After a year of duo work, they meet Maxime Calcio (Maxi’M production), a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger from Toulouse. From then on, Bastien and Taly collaborated and composed with Maxime to create the four tracks of this first EP. The music represents a way for Bastien and Taly to convey a message of acceptance of the Other. This project is an opportunity to create a space for expression to intervene on the issue of cultural diversity, the key value of their project.

Bastien & Taly @Capture Facebook
“Mibalé” Bastien & Taly @Capture Facebook

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