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DR CONGO – In the province of Katanga, Nearly 500 children were taken out of the quarries in Kipushi

Les enfants dans les mines @humanium.org

Nearly 500 children working in quarries in Kipushi in Katanga province were recovered.With the help of UNICEF supported by a local NGO, these children have obtained birth certificates that will allow them to go to school.  A source of relief for these innocent people who were living in a very delicate situation.

In Kipushi, a mining town in Upper Katanga Province, nearly 500 children were narrowly rescued by UNICEF and a local NGO. These children were undocumented and worked all day in the quarries. A very painful activity especially without security for many children of the locality. However, with the birth certificate now, these kids will be able to benefit from public service and go to school.

With or without their parents, more than 2,000 school-aged children operate copper or cobalt mines in an artisanal way. They are in «survival», said the Administrator of the Kipushi Territory, Louis Tshota who reminds, moreover, that primary education is free, but it requires the presentation of a birth certificate.

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Note that the Democratic Republic of Congo is not an isolated case. According to a report released in 2019 by UNICEF, 166 million children under the age of five worldwide (1 in 4) are not registered in Vital Statistics.


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