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FRANCE: President Emmanuel Macron is doing well

Emmanuel Macron @Page facebook

It was through a video broadcast on social networks on Friday 18 December that the French President himself announced that he was doing well despite reduced activity: “I am doing well, I will report to you every day on the evolution of the disease. I caught this virus probably because of a moment of neglect, a moment of ‘bad luck’ too.”

The video lasts three minutes, with facial features drawn, he says he has the same symptoms as the day before, including headaches, dry cough and fatigue. President Emmanuel Macron promised to report every day on his state of health to reassure French citizens

The head of state did not forget to thank everyone who sent him messages of support: “I wanted to thank you for all the messages of support you sent me. I wanted to reassure you, I have the same symptoms as yesterday. (…) I will report to you every day of the illness”.

He also did not hesitate, as he has done since the beginning of the pandemic, to ask the French to continue to respect the barrier measures “Keep on paying attention. Yesterday I was tested positive, which shows that the virus can really affect everyone because I am very protected, I am very careful, I respect barrier gestures and distances. (…) And despite that, I caught this virus, probably [because of] a moment of neglect, a moment of ‘bad luck’ too, and we have to continue to follow these rules. I know they weigh on you, they sometimes seem hard to you, but we have to hold on. Yesterday, with me, 18,000 French people were tested positive. The virus is starting again, even stronger. So we have to be vigilant, we have to take care of each other. (…) No one is immune to this virus.”

The entire video to watch here:

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