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FRANCE – Slapped, Macron denounces “ultraviolent individuals” and assures that “nothing will stop him”


His reaction was expected. This Tuesday, June 8, a few hours after being slapped by a man during a trip to Tain-L’Hermitage, in the Drôme, the President of the Republic spoke in the columns of the Dauphiné Libéré.

An interview in which he notably denounced “isolated facts, ultra-violent individuals”, whose it is necessary that they cannot “take possession of the public debate” because “they do not deserve it”.

Concerning his state of mind, the Head of State assured the newspaper that “everything is fine” and assured that it was necessary to “relativize this incident” relatively “isolated”.

If there is violence, “democracy itself is threatened”
“We must respect the functions in the Republic and I will never let this fight go,” Emmanuel Macron once again insisted on his activity, but also that of the other elected representatives of the Republic. “The functions, whatever they may be, are greater than we are and should not be subject to particular aggression. I recently wrote to one of the mayors of Drôme who had been attacked.”

Above all, the Head of State recalled the existence, in a democracy, of voting as a justice of the peace of the functioning of institutions, the ballot boxes remaining the only place where the political “fight” can be played. “The counterpart of this is that there can be no violence, no hatred, neither in speech nor in deeds. Otherwise democracy itself is threatened.”

“The overwhelming majority of French people are interested in substantive issues. The French people are a republican people,” he said.

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He concluded by assuring the Dauphiné that this incident had not disturbed him in any way, that he had immediately been able to start shaking hands and continue his day of visit without any problems. “I continued and I will continue. Nothing will stop me.”

“Anger, I hear it”
A little later, during a long crowd bath in Valencia (the next stage of his day after the misadventure of the morning), Emmanuel Macron returned again to the incident. At the microphone of BFMTV, he refused to see the gesture of his attacker as anger. “When stupidity is combined with violence, it is unacceptable. I hear anger.”

It is in this sense that the President of the Republic has put forward his habit of “going to contact, within shouting range” when he is on the ground. “People express their anger to me, sometimes their distress, I am always there,” he said, promising to be “always there to respond” to what he considers “legitimate anger.”

“We must not give in to violence, and in particular to violence against all the representatives of the public, be they mayors, civil servants, those who commit themselves,” added Emmanuel Macron. And to ask at the end of the day “not to give too much media space to hate and violence, because you end up thinking that it’s everywhere in society, which is not true.”

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