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GUINEA: Alpha Condé promulgates the new constitution.

President Alpha Condé @La nouvelle tribune

Guinean President Alpha Condé promulgated the new constitution resulting from the referendum of March 22. He made this known through a presidential decree read on national television on Monday, April 6.

The milestone of a new fundamental law is finally crossed in Guinea Conakry. Last Monday, President Alpha Condé promulgated the new constitution which won the “YES” vote with more than 90% according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI). Clearly, despite opposition front opposition, the 82-year-old leader has managed to endow his country with a new “modern basic law”.

This popular consultation, coupled with the legislative elections, was marked by violent clashes between demonstrators and the security forces. According to the report prepared by the FNDC, the main opposition coalition, more than ten Guineans were killed on polling day. Leader of the Opposition, Former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo et al., Accuse Alpha Condé of using the constitutional amendment to reset his meter to run for a third term.

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What about credibility!
When the results were announced by the CENI, certain countries expressed their opinion on the credibility of the double ballot. From Washington to Brussels via Paris, the tone has remained the same. Referring to deadly clashes and the lack of consensus around the electoral process, the United States, France and the European Union questioned the credibility of the vote. Even if their opinions remain advisory in Conakry, the Guinean opposition has certainly not said its last word.

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