Home POLITICS GUINEA: The legislative elections postponed to March 1.

GUINEA: The legislative elections postponed to March 1.


President Alpha Condé announced on Monday February 3, 2020, by a decree read on the television news, that the legislative elections initially scheduled for February 16, 2020 will take place on March 1. The country is marked by instability with recurrent clashes between the police and the demonstrators.

Since the beginning of the year, around thirty dead have been counted to date according to a count by the Agence France Presse (AFP). Protests which are hostile to the president’s policy are severely repressed by the government in power, they are victims of police violence.

This is the third time that Alpha Condé has postponed legislative elections in the country, he said, because of “technical problems”. However, according to the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), this postponement constitutes a maneuver by the Alpha Condé regime to reunify the legislative elections and the referendum for the revision of the constitution.

This referendum should allow Alpha Condé to be a candidate for the third time, which the opposition regards as a dictatorship and a will to confiscate power. The date of this referendum has still not been announced. An ambiguous situation which further instills doubt and mistrust in the opposition.


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