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IVORY COAST – Alpha Blondy overwhelms France and the USA: “It is you who arm the jihadists. Africa’s poverty relieves you”

Apha Blondy ©Capture image: Page Facebook Alpha Blondy

It’s well known. Alpha Blondy, the international star of Reggae, doesn’t mince words. A committed artist, he is known for his outspokenness and his obsession with denouncing the flaws and bruises suffered by Africa, the continent dear to his heart.

On Monday, June 27, he was on the set of Patrick Simonin’s TV show “The Guest” on TV 5. A great opportunity taken by the Ivorian celebrity to talk about his new album “Eternity” and take a look at the hot topics of international news.
On this second point, the artist has been critical of certain Western countries including France and the USA. For him, it is in these countries that we must find the roots and the means of functioning of terrorism. All the actions taken to combat this scourge by these countries are therefore staged.

“You come to trouble us in Africa with jihadists that you have armed. But these jihadists are not African. They are your jihadists because our insecurity benefits your domination. That is not fair. I am speaking to France and the United States. You can’t create terror and call others terrorists. It is up to you to ensure that this does not happen,” he said.

The artist shared the ideas of some activists for the liberation of Africa such as Kemi Seba, Nathalie Yamb and Senegalese politician Ousmane Sonko. For him, our continent is a victim of a system that keeps it in subjection and poverty.

“Africa’s poverty is intentional, calculated and premeditated poverty because it relieves the West and its criminals. That’s why I love listening to young people like Kemi Seba, Nathalie Yamb and Ousmane Sonko. You can’t agree with what they’re saying, but that’s the truth. Africa has become a slave continent. Why are our children going to drown? They are giving themselves up as slaves in Europe. It is slavery. This applies to all black people, whether they are from the West Indies or the United States,” the star said.

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After this painful observation, it seems imperative to her to work for the restoration of the dignity of the black man, manipulated and degraded by foreign hands. This action will allow our continent to become aware of its strengths in order to avoid the paths of humiliation and kneeling.

“It is necessary to rebuild the African man by saying these truths to himself and that our leaders be released because they have the gun to their head. That’s why they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Do you think it’s normal for a president like Macky Sall who has other things to worry about to be humiliated in front of Putin so that we can free up the cereal? We have fonio, corn, millet, Attiéké, tchebou djene and plenty of bottoms to make rice. It is not rice that we should expect from Asia! All this is because you have created a war that destabilizes the world,” he said.

Alpha Blondy has finally said he is revolted by the fate of all these eliminated African leaders because they opposed this system of domination and crushing of the West. He feels it is high time that this changed.

“Every African statesman who dared to point out this slavery has descended. Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Modibo Keita, Sylvanus Olympia… Recently, Alpha Condé said that the umbilical cord had to be cut between the colony and us. Coincidentally, a coup d’état took place. This must stop,” concluded the author of “Brigadier Sabari”.

As we can see, Alpha Blondy remained true to himself. Fan of Africa and justice. Jah!


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