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IVORY COAST – Laurent Gbagbo wants to create a new political party

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Former President Laurent Gbagbo proposed this Monday, 09 August 2021, the creation of a new political party. It was at the end of a meeting of the governing bodies of the FPI (Ivorian Popular Front). This decision comes after the divisions noted in the party of the ex-strongman of Côte d’Ivoire.

Back in Côte d’Ivoire since June 17, 2021, Laurent Gbagbo does not intend to cross his fingers. Indeed, he decided to continue his political struggle in the most beautiful way. In a meeting with his companions the former detainee of CPI decided not to prosecute his former Prime Minister, Pascal Affi N’Guessan, who heads the legal wing of the FPI. It proposes the establishment of a new party for a new beginning. 

It was a meeting rich in exchanges and emotions. The former Ivorian head of state paid a heartfelt tribute to the victims of his party during the post-election crisis of 2010.To justify his option and «leave the FPI to Affi N’Guessan», Mr. Gbagbo launched this parable: «On the path of the struggle, we often encounter some pitfalls. When you walk and you see a stone, you don’t fight the stone. You go around it or you jump.”  
At the Central Committee this morning, there were two stars: Simone Gbagbo, who received a great ovation on his arrival, and Laurent Gbagbo himself, who received a great deal of applause at his appearance and during his speech.

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As a reminder, the FPI has been divided into two camps since the post-election crisis of 2010/2011, which killed 3,000 people. On the one hand, there is the camp of Pascal Affi N’guessan, president of the so-called “legal” FPI recognized by the Ivorian judicial authorities, and on the other, the FPI “Gor” (Gbagbo or nothing) of the former president.

After this proposal to create a new party, the response of Pascal Affi N’guessan does not know how to wait. On his Facebook page, he states: Laurent Gbabgo «takes responsibility for the schism which now marks the epic of the FPI in a way assumed before our compatriots and before history».


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