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IVORY COAST: Removal of the name of Charles Blé Goudé from the list of electors

Charles Blé Goudé @Page facebook

Former Minister of Youth, President of the Pan-African Congress for Justice and Equality of Peoples (COjep) Charles Blé Goudé is not on the provisional electoral list published by the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI). The politician denounces the instrumentalisation of justice for political purposes.

In December 2019, Laurent Gbagbo’s former companion was sentenced in absentia by the Criminal Court of Abidjan to 20 years in prison, 10 years of deprivation of his civil rights, 200 million CFA francs in damages to be paid to the victims. He was accused by the Ivorian justice of acts of torture, voluntary homicide and rape

A press conference was organized this Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at their headquarters in Cocody to situate the opinion on this issue of deletion.

On his Facebook page, the leader of Cojep said, “The Cojep has just received the voters list. They crossed my name off. I call the G20. This is a case to follow. I don’t leave it!”

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