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IVORY COAST: Saga Love pays tribute to the African teams of the CAN.


The humorist Saga Love struck again! After finishing the African Cup of Nations, after warmly congratulating the Cameroon team who won this 31st edition, he set out to mix a song dedicated to all participating countries.

First of all, he said: “This CAN 2017 will have marked us all, I personally wish to congratulate Cameroon the champion team who put a lot of  ‘teams i the sauce.’ And a big congratulations to all the teams! Finally, it was Africa that won! Prepare yourself, I will swing an unedited sound dedicated to all the participants.”

Gabon first, Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Senegal … the actor as his usual incisive humor, delivered exceptional  work  that inevitably soothes the souls.

For those who still have a heavy heart  following the defeat of their team, a good consolation through this song that shows once again the indisputable talent of this epitome of comedy.

This rising star is a king of inspiration manifested through this melodious outlet which translates his unfailing love for the continent in all its components.

Saga Love is a tornado of fun happiness who, thanks to his work as an artist, makes everyone get along.

The song “Africa is winning”: “

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