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IVORY COAST: They all want to eat: The latest exclusive of Alpha Blondy by Constan Kona

Alpha Blondy @Page facebook

Alpha Blondy is back! After KOUN FAYA KOUN, the reggae star has released another track D’ETERNITY, her next album.

And this time, it is a violent kick in the Ivorian political anthill already in effervescence for a few months.

“They all want to eat,” the singer rebels. Eating? , it is not a question here of eating, of having a simple meal. We are at the heart of the predation, the control of political elites over the resources of our states.

“Who is who, and who does what in this country,” asks Alpha about the crab basket that is our political class.” I hear them saying it’s our turn to eat. That’s how they want to govern.” The table is set, the wine is drawn…

Between alliances and disalliances, between agreements and disagreements, the feeder does not diminish. The appetites of politicians remain fierce and sharp. Gluttony is at the centre of political battles, with its corollary of corruption, misappropriation of public funds, clientelism, lack of vision and innovative projects.

“They have nothing to offer us. Nothing, they just want to eat.” Alpha is pugnacious, stubborn and determined to make these bulimics of power gorge.

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Smoking, lies, false promises… As in the parade, politicians bait and dazzle the gallery. To better and better disillusion it.” The promises of a politician only commit those who believe in them,” warns the author of POLITCAL BROUHAHA.

“The people can die, they don’t give a shit.” Before they ask “what sauce are they going to eat us.”

On a rhythmic senator train with a rockified guitar and exciting percussion, Alpha denounces and accuses. The anger, rage and disappointment of the singer are palpable.

Alpha is still there, at the heart of the deleterious Ivorian news. He invites himself loudly to the table of politicians. He puts sand in their attiéké*.

THEY ALL WANT TO EAT, A STONE IN IVORIAN POLITICAL CUISINE. This cuisine with very bland recipes.

Alpha puts the people back in the center of the game. And mounts an extra floor of ETERNITY, for posterity and eternity.

*Putting sand in their attiké: Ivorian expression to say to upset them, put an end to their scheme or simply deprive someone of their source of income.

Source page facebook d’Alpha Blondy / By Constant Konan

Alpha Blondy @Page facebook
Alpha Blondy @Page facebook

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