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IVORY COST: Flora Niagne, the one who invites “To read and drink” around books.

L'écrivaine Flora Niagne

Flora Niagne is an Ivorian woman of Peulh origin from Senegal. She is single and interprets training. With a foreign language diploma applied to law and communication law, obtained in Nice 10 years ago, she first worked as an international relations manager, communication manager and interpreter before deciding to return to her country to create her own cabinet, Eclairconsulting. Cabinet Specialized in Consulting and Strategy, Management and Communication. But Flora Niagne is above all a passionate of literature. For nearly a year, the concept “To read and drink”, which she put in place, is making her way and is becoming a must.

“I realized that Ivorian literature was” talkative “. That is to say that there was practically no communication, with the readers at least we knew little about the authors, because there was no news and no exchanges … Very sad people were reading less and less. As I also did cultural marketing, I wanted to combine my passion with this “fight” of the promotion of reading through the concept “To read and drink”. “Says the young woman. Reading and drinking is a literary cafe revisited. “A literary tasting with a double discovery: an author (a book) and a wine. For wine is also read! As much as a book, it has its history lived. The idea was to take reading to people in places they most frequent today. To leave the sphere of intellect and select and popularize the reading, “she says.

“To read and to drink “to bring closer the authors, the readers.”

She had submitted her idea to Dr Alain Tailly at the time Director of the CNAC (National Center for Cultural Action) who immediately joined. This is how they realized the first edition of “To read and drink” on November 25, 2016 in a cafe of the place. With first guest author, Dr. Alain Tailly himself, with his novel John Ziguehi. Other authors followed, such as Jeanne Tessia (Demon of noon), Venance Konan (Afro-Sarcastic Chronicles), Agnes Kraidy (YOU LOVE THE BALLS), YACOUBA KONATE (Alpha Blondy and Reggae in Africa) of the association of writers of Côté’Ivoire, Etty Macaire (For the happiness of mine), Pacome Kipre (Treats of a bold childhood), Armand Gauz (Standing paid) Wakili Alafe (Champion l’enjailleuse). Manchini Défela (the day when everything tilted), is the last writer to pass. During the evenings a troupe plays extracts of the book in the honor. There is live music accompanied by a gourmet buffet and wine tasting. Finally a debate with the writer and a dedication.

Reading and drinking will be one year old on November 25th. “We want to symbolically celebrate this first anniversary by inviting all the authors on a boat for a 2 hour crossing. The same format will be represented: the book, the wine, the appetizers and the staging this time extracts from each book of the 11 authors received until then. It will be a different evening that will take us to the second season. I hope I have given the Ivorians a little more taste for reading by bringing them closer to the writers. ”

Authors :

The authors Alain Tailly et Mancini Defala
The author Agnès Kraidy
The author Venante Konan
The author Jeanne Tessia