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J.O TOKYO 2020 – Binti Diongue qualified for the Africa zone in Cairo 

Ndèye Binta Diongue @wiwsport.com

“Never listen to the people who tell you that this is not possible,” said the swordsman Binti Diongue. Qualified during the qualification tournament for the Africa zone in Cairo (Egypt), Binti Diongue, whose real name is Ndèye Binta Diongue, is the flag-bearer of Senegal in the field of fencing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, staggered in 2021 because of the pandemic. Proud to represent her country, she sees, through this intercontinental tournament, a dream that has been realized as well as the fruit of several years of effort. Here is the message she posted on her Facebook page on Monday, July 26, 2021.

Finally officially Olympian!!!

For a dream to come true, you must first wake up, get out of bed and decide to put all the chances on your side to get there.

Never listen to people who tell you that this is not possible. Nothing is impossible God knows. I dreamed big having nothing and I succeeded by changing my way of doing things to have the credit of participating in the Tokyo Olympics. All dreams come true sooner or later if you don’t give them up. It can take time, but sooner or later 

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As I walked into this big room, I felt a chill on my way to the track, and you really have to have the nerves to show up here for the first time. As I walked I said to myself, focus on your game, but as my nerves quickly let go, I had to close my eyes during the presentation and when I opened them I looked at the carpet and my eyes fell on the Olympic rings Tokyo 2020, like when I was watching the Rio and London games on TV except this time I’m on the floor in flesh and blood. Thank you all so much. In a future post I will tell you my story and thank all those who have long believed in me and never let me down that I lose or that I win you were always there. Thank you


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