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SENEGAL – Jeanne Boutbien, the Senegal flag-bearer swimmer at Tokyo 2020

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Jeanne Boutbien will represent Senegal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, staggered due to the health crisis. The young Senegalese, born on 8 April 1999 in Senegal to French parents, will try to win another medal in this prestigious competition which will take place from 23 July to 8 August 2021. The flag-bearer of Senegal for these J.O of Tokyo 2020 is well known to the Senegalese swimming public. The one who fought for Senegalese nationality had 8 medals including 3 in gold, 4 in silver and one in bronze at the African championships in 2017.

Jeanne Boutbien is the Senegal flag-bearer swimmer at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.The 22-year-old, who became a Senegalese in 2016 after a long administrative process, has been a Senegalese champion in his category since he started swimming. I’ve always felt Senegalese! It is true that with education, my parents, culture and everything, I feel French but I have always lived in Senegal… But I feel as Senegalese as I feel French. In my family, I am the first to obtain Senegalese nationality,” she said in an interview with Le Petit Journal in 2017.

His performance in the field of swimming has made it easier to obtain Senegalese nationality by presidential decree. Indeed, the swimmer won the famous Dakar-Gorée on two occasions, then she broke Senegal’s record on 100 metres freestyle in February 2020 in Limoges with a time of 58”53, thus beating the time of 58”59 achieved by Khadija Ciss on 14 April 2005 in Nancy. At the 2017 West African Championships, she won 8 medals, including 3 in gold, 4 in silver and one in bronze. That’s not all! She is part of the 4,100-metre freestyle relay and four-stroke finishing fourth in the final at the 2019 African Games. 

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Jeanne Boutbien was delighted with the atmosphere she found on Senegal’s national team, although swimming is an individual sport. She is very proud to represent Senegal at this major global sporting event. I am super proud to be able to represent Senegal at this level and now without complex.Because at first it scared me a little bit to show up as a blonde and … (Laughter),” she told Le Petit Journal again in 2017.

Its entry into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 10:04 GMT at the Tokyo Aquatic Centre.


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