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KENYA: Country seeks 400 volunteers to test covid-19 vaccine

© Photo ONU / Loey Felipe

ZE-AFRICANEWS – At Nairobie, researchers are looking for 400 volunteers to participate in a clinical test of a candidate coronavirus vaccine.This vaccine is developed by the University of Oxford.

According to the Kemri-Wellcome Trust, all participants must be health workers and must live and live in the coastal region of Mombasa and in the neighbouring town of Kilifi where the trial will take place. Kilifi is a city on the coast of Kenya, 56 kilometers northeast by the road to Mombasa. The town is located on Kilifi Creek and on the Goshi River estuary. Kilifi is the capital of Kilifi County and has a population of 122,899.

The same vaccine candidate, Chadox1 nCoV-19, is already being tested on more than 1,000 volunteers in the UK. To successfully federate the 400 volunteers, and in the hope of having full support in Kenya, the country’s Medical Research Institute was called by the Kremri-Wellcome Trust for a collaboration.

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It should be noted that the vaccine trial sparked a great controversy among the African population following the release of a doctor and a researcher, French, on the LCI channel, who talked about clinical trials in Africa. The researchers noted that regulatory approval would be sought prior to the start of any trial.

Finally, according to the researchers, participation is crucial for the vaccine to be subsequently used throughout the African country.


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