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MADAGASCAR: Andry Rajoelina: “No one can stop us from helping our people”

Andray Rajoelina ©screen capture of the broadcast

It was an unprecedented interview that Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina granted to the channel France 24 and RFI. The head of state defended the Covid-organics, a preventive remedy against coronavirus. This remedy is already distributed in twenty African countries such as Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea or Congo. This tribune, guided by journalists Christophe Boisbouvier and Marc Perelman, enabled President Rajoelina to defend his discovery based on artemisia and traditional medicinal plants.

To the question: “… Madagascar is distinguished by the use of Covid-Organics, a remedy based on artemisia, a plant with a recognized therapeutic effect against malaria. You have already sent it to several African countries, but do you have any proof that it works at home, that it heals people from Covid-19?” , the President replied: “In fact, we did launch this remedy based on Malagasy medicinal plants. It should be noted that in Madagascar, we are used to and 80% of the population is treated through the medicinal remedy. That said, Covid-Organics is obviously a preventive and curative remedy against Covid-19 that works very well. Moreover, it is the result of research carried out by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research [Imra], which has the status of regional research center recognized by the African Union. I just want to clarify that Imra is a medical and pharmaceutical research and training centre, founded in 1957 by Professor Rakoto Ratsimamanga, who is a distinguished figure in African science.

You talk about “evidence” and I talked about “war” earlier. The global situation shows that there are almost 300,000 deaths today. Does this allow us to ignore a possibility of treatment?And when we are also in a period of war, what is the proof that can be demonstrated and that we can currently provide? This is of course the cure of our patients, because it should be noted that today, in Madagascar, we had 171 cases, including 105 cured. And most of these coronavirus patients have been cured, and you’re telling me about evidence. As proof, I want to tell you that the patients who were cured took only this product of Covid-Organics [also called Tambavy CVO]. In summary, a significant improvement in the health status of patients who received Tambavy CVO was observed within 24 hours of the first Tambavy CVO. The cure was found after seven days or even ten days of taking Tambavy CVO. This remedy is natural, non-toxic and non-invasive.” 

WHO doubts the effectiveness of Covid-Organics

The question of WHO’s doubts was addressed by the journalist. The response of the Malagasy president was not long in coming: “You are obviously quoting me the warning of Doctor [Matshidiso] Moeti, who warns against the use of Covid-Organics. I would just like to ask the question: had the Mediator [antidiabetic drug responsible for the death of patients in France] received and obtained the authorizations? And the question I’m asking today is, how many people have died from Mediator? Like everyone else, you are familiar with Professor Bernard Debré’s statement and that of Philippe Even. They presented almost 58 drugs manufactured by prestigious laboratories that not only fail to treat, but in their own words, are “dangerous” and “deadly”.

These drugs have been and are being distributed in Africa, and I have never heard Dr. Moeti or the WHO make a statement that does not allow these drugs to be taken. Now, as I said earlier, we use decoction. When we talk about decoction, it is a method, it is the action of boiling in the water of medicinal plants for the extraction of the active ingredients. It is our traditional medicine that is known and recognized for its effects. There’s a lot of talk in this artemisia remedy. You asked me today, but I still have a question to ask you: if it wasn’t Madagascar, but if it were a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so many doubts? I don’t think so. What I can tell you today is that the case of the patients in Madagascar and also those who took these drugs, in fact today this Tambavy CVO or this decoction, we have had evidence that we have treated our patients so far.”

Malagasy clinical observations vs Clinical trials requested by WHO

The doubts expressed by the World Health Organization came back regularly in the exchange. President Andry Rajoealina replied to this effect: “There are two things. We must not confuse. We have a number of protocols in place. First, like every country in the world, we are dealing with this pandemic. We are obliged to find a solution to cure the sick. And when Professor [Didier] Raoult announced the efficacy of chloroquine and azithromycin, we used it, and I would like to thank him here because, without his proposed solution, we could not have saved the first victims of the coronavirus.

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After that, we all know that high doses of chloroquine have side effects and undesirable effects. This treatment has presented risks of toxicity and requires greater clinical monitoring.The second protocol we adopted was the Tambavy CVO or the decoction that I announced earlier, following the principles of clinical studies and observations following the recommendations of the WHO. The vast majority of new patients who have taken this decoction have been observed, and of course the result is there. There are no deaths in Madagascar right now. All we’ve done is cure our patients. But you talked earlier about clinical trials. Of course, we have a third protocol and a clinical trial on an injection drug, which is different from what we’re proposing right now. This is part of regional cooperation and in collaboration with doctors and scientists in the United States, and of course in the Indian Ocean. ‘

“No one can stop us from helping our people”

But nothing prevents us from moving forward either a country or an organization. You mentioned a few organizations earlier, such as the World Health Organization. “We” is us, Madagascar, with our decoction that we are [doing] and no one can stop us. We are a sovereign country and we are there to help our people, our people, so that we are not really victims or die from this pandemic.

«The problem with Covid-Organics is that it comes from Africa»

The composition of the Covid-Organics was raised by journalists. The Malagasy president, for his part, recalled that the remedy contains 62% artemisia and Malagasy medicinal plants but did not want to give the components of the remedy: We have our formula, we work with IMRA and I want to show you the Madecassol, which is produced today by the company Bayer that makes quite a lot of drugs. It’s a product of IMRA research. It’s a drug that was concocted in 1961.
We must not underestimate African scientists, Malagasy scientists. I think the problem with Covid-Organics is that it comes from Africa. We cannot admit, we cannot accept that a country like Madagascar has put in place this formula, this tambavy to save the world.  It is a war, but it is not the military force or the economic power that is currently playing but God. And the Lord   


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