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MALI: Constitutional Review: Decisive Consultations ?


After the Constitutional Court expressed reservations about the proposed reform of the Constitution, the President of the Republic began a series of meetings with politicians and civil society.

Where will the consultations take place for the draft constitutional amendment? Will they lead to a new date for the referendum or, on the contrary, to the outright withdrawal of the project? These questions remain unanswered for the time being, but opinions are already being decided on the desired outcome. It is the same discourse that comes back among the opponents of the draft of the referendum law. “Obviously, we are demanding the complete withdrawal of this draft constitutional amendment. As long as this is not the case, the actions will continue, “warned the Chairman of the ADP-Maliba party, MP Amadou Thiam. “For these consultations, they tried to divide by not receiving as member of the opposition that Soumaila Cissé, but he speaks for the platform. We all agree, “he adds. President IBK received it at the end of July for an in camera meeting. “The president is committed to meeting the An tè A bana platform,” said Abdrahamane Diarra, President of Youth URD. “It was a verbal promise. If he really wanted it, why take all that time? Thiam wonders.

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Overall, many of them welcome these consultations, which they hope will lead to the “right” choice on the part of the President. “We hope that the exchanges will lead the president to withdraw this project, which dangerously divides the people. The commitment, mobilization and determination of the majority of youth and the refusal of the overwhelming majority of the Malian people must be enough for IBK to withdraw its project, “says Diarra. “It will come out grown,” says Thiam.

During the interview he gave to the ORTM on Tuesday, August 8, President IBK still puts his position: “To say that there will be no constitutional revision is not Republican. This is anti-national, contrary to law. ” However, within the RPM, positions now seem less inflexible. “It’s up to the president to decide. He will listen to the Malians and see what needs to be done, “concedes the deputy Mamadou Diarrassouba, Secretary of the organization of the RPM.

Source: Journal of Mali


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