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MALI: Sidiki diabate on provisional release

Sidiki Diabaté

Singer Sidiki Diabaté was temporarily released from prison on Tuesday 29 December 2020. The musician was imprisoned in the detention and correction centre in Baaka, the Malian capital. He is accused of violence against his former girlfriend Mariam Sow aka Mamacita.

The kora prodigy was arrested on 21 September before being put in prison on 25 September 2020. The putting in prison of the singer had shaken all Mali but also the African continent. Following denunciations of his Mamacita Sow campaign, which is said to be of Guinean origin, his situation quickly became complicated. 

Sidiki Diabaté had administered blows to his companion, according to the latter, blows that had caused him injuries. Images of the young woman showing the thighs, hips and swollen body had been released on the canvas. The dissemination of these photos had divided the Internet users between pro and anti-Sidiki, resulting in a controversy that is struggling to dry up until today. 

If the fémnistes had denounced this “odious” act, the iconditional fans of the singer wanted at all costs to fight with Mamacita Sow through verbal jousts, comments, videos, They’ve put in live performances to denigrate the young woman and question these accusations against their star and ask for her release.

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In October 2020, from Bamako Central Prison, the Malian artist had declared that he was suffering from a disease, but had not been granted a conditional provisional release. 

Sidiki Diabaté had been accused of having administered blows to the point of causing injury to his companion. For the record, images of the girl, the swollen body, had been disseminated on the Web, to the point of triggering a lively controversy. “Sidiki Diabaté has been sick for several weeks. For two days, his condition has completely deteriorated. He is on an infusion at the Maison d’Arrêt et de Correction,” his relatives said on social media.

Today, it’s good news for the fans of Sidiki Diabaté who still have to answer in court. He is still accused by his former girlfriend of violence and forcible confinement.

As a reminder, Sidiki Diabaté is the son of the great player of Kora Toumani Diabaté and he is the grandson of the legendary musician, Sidiki Diabaté born in 1922 and left in 1996.


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