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MUSIC-IN – “Do yourself” by Angélique Kidjo and Burna Boy: An electric combination

Angélique Kidjo @ Page Facebook Angélique Kidjio

It’s a great duo that Benin diva Angélique Kidjo and Nigerian star Burna Boy have just given us. Do Yourself” (Do it yourself) is the new production that the two singer artists concocted for us. Angelique Kidjo released the official video on her Facebook page on Monday, February 10, 2022.

“Burna Boy and I are delighted to share with you the new clip of our Grammy Award-nominated song, “Do Yourself”! We have written the anthem of a new Africa – full of modernity, beauty and energy. We worship Africa because it is the cradle of all humanity. We will not let it collapse, we know that it is as strong as metal and steel. We learned a long time ago that if you want Africa to change, you have to do it yourself.” said Angélique Kidjo, the diva of African music, on her Facebook page. This video “Do Yourself” (Do it yourself) is a moment of complicity between two stars, extracted from the last album “Mother Nature” released in 2021.

An African extraction clip
Several African languages bristle with this versicolore clip on which we can hear: Fon, English or Yoruba, a musicality drawn from the depths of an Africa in elevation and which opens to other imported cultures. On broken and dancing rhythms, Angélique Kidjo and Burna Boy sound the awakening of Africa with words of iron and metal. Words that sound like the morning clock of a Roman Catholic church. With words drawn from their best juices, these two legends invite Africa to sit on the bench of history to listen to the delights of a sound that constitutes the essence to which black people must be based. According to them, African youth now have an obligation to look at the world as an inflamed beacon that guides a world adrift on a pristine sea that also struggles to impose itself.

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Who is Angélique Kidjo or Kidjo-Gram: beacon of a continent?
Angelique Kidjo no longer has to be introduced. Several Grammy Award winners, founder of Batonga, a charity, Top 10 Best African Music for her album “Mother Nature” (2021), renowned author, talented composer, seasoned performer, and exceptional singer. Kidjo has scoured all the scenes, reaped all the rewards that an icon of his stature can reap. This artist of Beninese origin, settled in the United States, is the pride of the African continent. Despite a tight and busy schedule of shows that she is preparing across the United States for the promotion of her latest album, the diva of African music has found time to make a clip whose announcement has shaken the continent.

Who is Burna Boy or Burna-Gram: an “African Geant”?
Considered the worthy heir to the inventor of Afrobeat Féla Kuti, Burna Boy has become in a few years a world-class artist. Burna, after missing the Grammy Awards in 2020, returned, heroically in 2021, one later. He attacks, wears the cloak and eventually wins it. Finally. A symbol of courage and self-sacrifice at work. This new African music giant – don’t see any grandiloquent pretention, ignites the scenes. He will perform in the mythical Arena in Paris in March 2022. 

Angélique Kidjo @ Page Facebook Angélique Kidjio

Kidjo and Burna: a great duo! 
The announcement and posting of the clip of their featuring “Do Yourself” (Do It Yourself) has put social media on the boil. Burna Boy and Angélique Kidjo are not in their first collaboration. In 2019, they met on the title “Anyone” which stirred up all the download platforms. But he is not the only African artist with whom the diva collaborated. There are artists of the younger generation such as Yemi Aladé, Mr Easy or Shungudzo, but also other big names like Salif Keita or Manu Dibango.


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